St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Oscar Romero and Live Simply Awards

Oscar Romero Award

The Oscar Romero Award is a framework that supports Catholic schools to recognise and celebrate what they do to promote Catholic Social Teaching and challenge them to weave it into the culture and ethos of the school.


The Oscar Romero Foundation advances the key Christian teaching of love of God and neighbour through key Catholic Social Teaching principles:


  • Dignity of the Human Person - Do policies and strategic decisions that school takes promote the value and worth of each person (pupils and staff) as a child of God?
  • Option for the Poor - Do we make extra effort to support pupils who are 'poor'? (materially and academically)
  • The Common Good - How do we show that we are a place of equality for all?  How do we promote diversity and inclusion among staff and pupils and enable each to achieve their best?
  • Solidarity - How are we standing up for others who are left behind?  Do we stand up for our whole community?
  • Care for Creation - How are we promoting the care of creation in its strategic, curriculum and practical ways?
  • Dignity of Work and Participation - How do school leaders enable staff to fulfil their potential by treating them with dignity and respect?
  • Peace - How do we promote reconciliation, forgiveness and understanding between member of our community, as well as in other communities?

The LiveSimply Award

The LIveSimply award is an opportunity for Catholic communities to respond to Pope Francis' invitation in Laudato Si' to "work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us". 


The LiveSimply award is earned if we can show how we have been living:


  • simply 
  • in solidarity with people in poverty
  • sustainably with creation


The award celebrates what we are already doing and inspires us to do more.  It helps our school community to live, not just more simply, but also more fully. 


To achieve this award we will be planning one substantial action (something that involves a significant change or includes the whole school) and at least two smaller actions.  All actions must be based on:


  • living simply
  • living sustainably
  • living in solidarity with people who are poor


CAFOD Club will be asked to come up with ideas of changes we can make, which will be shared across the school.  We will let you know what we have chosen to do, in the near future.